Conjoined twin sisters

Monday January 18, 2010 - 06:47:54 in Recent Stories by Super Admin
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    Conjoined twin sisters

    Take part in the rescue mission of the twin sisters joined at the stomach

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Take part in the rescue mission of the twin sisters
Take part in the rescue mission of the twin sisters joined at the stomach

Every person with an inkling of morality is requested to partake in the rescue mission to save these two beautiful little baby girls who were born joined at the stomach.

The 14 months-old twin sisters were born in the Kenyan town of Mombasa along the Indian Ocean coast. They are currently at the Kenyata National Hospital in Nairobi where they will be kept until doctors find specialized treatment outside Africa for them.

HOL will continue to monitor the situation of the girls each and every month. Doctors at the Kenyata hospital report that nearly a year has passed and still nothing has been done separate the children whose health is at risk. “I am very concerned,” said Anab Ali Afrah, mother of the joined girls told HOL.

“Until now, doctors did not give us a report about the organs shared by the girls, except that we can see them joined at the stomach,” said the mother who would have liked to see her daughters separated and living a normal life.

During an interview with HOL, the disappointed Somali mother said that even if she could discharge them from hospital she cannot afford to pay so much money which the hospital authorities said were spent on the welfare of the joined sisters since they were hospitalized nearly a year ago.

“I kindly ask the Somali people, and whoever is able to assist me get the operation to separate my daughters, because I am poor and cannot afford to take them to the developed world for treatment,” the mother pleaded.

The Somali ambassador to Kenya, Mohamed Ali Nur, who visited the ailing girls at the hospital, said that he will discuss with the doctors on how the joined sisters will be flown outside of Africa for separation.

“I will do my utmost, and I am optimistic that the matter will end in success.” Somali Ambassador to Kenya said during his visit to the Kenyata hospital in Nairobi.

The ambassador was very saddened over the precarious mood in which the young girls live, pledging that his embassy will do as much as it can to help the girls successful separation.

Ambassador Mohamed Ali Nur, and the Kenyatya hospital doctors will meet to convince them to allow Anab Ali Afrah to discharge her daughters from hospital, since the hospital is not able to separate them, since staying there longer will mean spending additional money she does not have.

Anyone wanting to assist the baby girls in getting the operation to separate them may contact the following individuals:

Abiyo Isse: 612-298-1044 Minneapolis, Minnesota (United States)

Abdi Musse Mahay: 507 990-9445, or through email:

To donate anything, please go to DAHABSHIIL and use our account HRG-D-15315 Somali American HealthCare Foundation, or simply donate in our paypal account with your credit card and its tax deductable.

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