Aisha "Before" and "After" surgery pictures

Tuesday April 13, 2010 - 23:18:49 in Recent Stories by Super Admin
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    Aisha "Before" and "After" surgery pictures

    <b>For nearly eight years, Aisha had a tumor in her mouth that affected her ability to eat-even smile.</b>

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Your generous donations made a cure possible for Aisha
For nearly eight years, Aisha had a tumor in her mouth that affected her ability to eat-even smile.

With a devastating war, famine, and millions of Somali people displaced,imagine living with a illness that literally transforms your daily life.

Imagine further, a cure, yet with no financial means- limited medical care is unavailable, a cure is unlikely and needless suffering continues.

Now, imagine Aisha.

For nearly eight years, Aisha had suffered with a disabling tumor that distorted her face, and affected her ability to eat- even smile. But with your generous donations, a simple surgery in America became a reality. After learning of Aisha’s condition, SomCare responded quickly, and within two months the news of Aisha had rapidly spread throughout the Somali community asking for donations and sponsors.

With the aid of the Somali community in the United Kingdom, and Quba Mosque in London,England, fundraising events were made possible promptly,, and the tumor that Aisha had been suffering from for eight long years was finally removed from her mouth.

Today, Aisha is a happy woman, with a beautiful smile knowing that hope is still alive. Please, we strongly urge you to get involved in these, and other most noble causes. Please, pick up your phones today, and give from your heart, whatever you can afford is most appreciated. Your generous dollars will save countless people from a lifetime of needless suffering.

For more information, please call Farah Ibrahim at 442085347644 (London).

If you would like to contribute donations to this and other causes, contact SomCareat, or our representative agent in London, U.K. Donations can also be made at Dahabshil money transfer account # HRG-D-15315 without a service charge.

Together, we can bring hope to Somalia, because even one human life is a terrible thing to waste.

Thank you, and may God bless you.

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SOMCARE began its work in 2006 with the heart touching incident of a 7-year-old Somali girl that raped and left both physically and psychologically devastated and with no access to medical care. Abdi Maahaay (Founder and Executive Director of SOMCare) and his wife Sahra were touched by this news; they immediately took action by contacting people and organizations around Minnesota.